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Reading the Rule (15:06)

If you’re new to reading statutes or just need a refresher in order to dig into Reg F, this lesson will explain the general structure of the rule and where to find content via the different published versions. We will refer to these links throughout the entire HOW curriculum: 1) Reg F Part 1 pdf; 2) Reg F Part …

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Record Retention: General Requirements (02:53)

Evidence of compliance with Regulation F must be retained starting on the date that the debt collector begins collection activity on a debt and ending three years after one of three endpoints occur. 

The Rebuttable Presumption (07:12)

The new rule offers parameters and flexibility for call frequencies. Learn how to distinguish where the line of liability lies between a compliant series of calls and scenarios that might drift toward prohibited practices considered to be annoying, harassing, or abusive toward any person at the called number.

Introduction (06:39)

Introduction to Validation of Debts Reg F introduces several important concepts which collectors must re-frame from traditional processes and procedures regarding debt validation and the types of information required to be provided to the consumer. Learn the new difference between the Validation Notice and what is considered Validation Information in this module overview. Implementing the …

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